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Nur Ein XII

May 22, 2017

The field was so strong this year. I was eliminated in the second round, but I'm still writing shadow entries for the "Ohne Ruhm" thread. The challenges are fun. The interest rate is nearly 0%.


Round Zero: "Fingers Crossed". We had to have a backward section. Being a glutton for punishment, I tried to learn how to sing my bridge in reverse. Then I played it backwards. If I had done a perfect job it would have sounded like really good background singers. Mine sounds like very shy guys with weird accents. The judges were wildly divided.


Round One: "After You". We had to have a counter-melody. I went "moody spy movie" on this. The judges were wildly divided.


Round Two: "Tired of Talking". The lyrics had to be one sentence. I used a long, complex sentence, then repeated parts of it. The judges said, "You're out!"


Round Three: "Regime Change". Two guest vocalists in their own sections. If I hadn't gotten knocked out round two, this one would have done it. First, I could NOT write "Regime Change".  So I wrote "Regina Chang" about a kid who spray-paints graffiti to impress a girl in his chemistry class, and accidentally starts a movement to overthrow the government. Unfortunately, I could not get ONE guest vocalist, let alone two. This song met the challenge for Round Four.


Round Four: "A Sense of the Absurd". Mondegreen [misheard words]. I wrote this song as "Essence of Theo's Bird" about egrets. This song met the challenge for Round Five.


Round Five: "Elevator Men". Prominent musical repetition. The chorus goes up and down like the elevator men. The verses hang on the "E" note, just like the narrator and his floor scrubber. He just stays at the same level. This song did not meet the challenge for Round Six.


Round Six: "Excuse Me". A lipogram that doesn't use the letter "A" anywhere in the lyrics. I'm free to be silly, so I'm going to violate the rules completely, and use ONLY the letter "A" as my vowel for the verses. In fact, I'm also going to write in the key of A Major, use an A Major 7 chord, and hang mostly on the note A. 


Round Seven. This is the finals, and I may or may not write a song for this round. 

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